Firstly there are actually two cats. We got them in the winter; around Christmas time, coming up to 7 years ago this year (can’t believe it).  When we went as a family to the cats rescue to have a look at the kittens we were only planning on having one and we chose one, Lily. We had to wait a week for her to have her injections and then we could take her home.

Lily when she was a kitten

Lily had a sister in the cats rescue (Lolly) and when we were waiting that week before we could have Lily, after we calmed down a bit from the excitement that we are having a kitten. We then started think about how we didn’t want to separate her from her sister and called to see if she was still there and if we could have the both of them. Luckily she was still available and we had the two.

Lolly when she was a kitten

Although Lily was heavy enough to have her injection, Lolly wasn’t and we could take Lily and wait another week for Lolly. This meant having them a week apart. Now the week we only had Lily, I had a few days off from School due to the snow, which meant we played together all day for those days. This is why I and Lily are as close as it was just me and her and during that time we bonded very closely. When did get Lolly she bonded straight away with my mom and they have been joined at the hip ever since. This doesn’t mean I don’t love Lolly just as much she just prefers to follow my mom around the house and Lily is like my little shadow.

Lolly and Lily

Throughout the years of having the cats I have had a lot of changes happen in my life from leaving school, going to university and starting work. But Lily has always been there and our relationship has always stayed the same and we still play the same. I roll the ball she follows it and then meows for me to do it again; she could have me playing this for hours. She is always knows when I’m upset as she always cuddles up to me which always cheers me up as it’s so cute. I can honestly say with no shame that I love that cat so much she is my best friend.


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