Growing up I have never really liked my eyebrows. I tried plucking them but that never seemed to end that well. After hearing a few other people talk about getting their eyebrows done and seeing how good their eyebrows looked, I decided maybe I should get them done properly.

Whilst out shopping I noticed you could get your eyebrows threaded in Superdrug, now I’m not an impulsive person so I didn’t just go for it that day. I went home and told people about it and they convinced me it was a good idea. So, the following Saturday morning I went back and got it done and what a difference.  This all took place a couple a years ago, and I still to this day (I actually went the other week) get my eyebrows threaded there and I have not been tempted to go somewhere else.

What keeps me going back is how I don’t need to worry about getting an appointment booked in, it’s a matter of when I think to myself wow I need to get my eyebrows done soon. I then just pop into a Superdrug the next chance I get which is mainly a Saturday whilst out shopping. I then simply pay at the till and wait my turn. The wait is mainly just a person in front of you sometimes a few more but never had to wait too long.

Now I’m not going to lie to you it does hurt. It seems to vary between the Superdrug stores I go to and for this reason I do favour a particular store, as when the lady there who does it hurts the least. You are also in the store, sometimes in the middle and others in a corner a little more out the way, this doesn’t really bother me anymore. I was a little put off the first few times as I felt people were staring but this is not much of an issue anymore as I’m used to it. The price for eyebrow threading also varies between the different stores I have noticed but it’s mainly around the £5 mark for just eyebrow threading, which I think is very good. Overall I recommend getting your eyebrows done at Superdrug if you are thinking about it.


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