Here are my Christmas nails for 2016, I decided to go very Christmassy this year with red glitter and then stones for even more sparkle as why not it’s Christmas! I have actually not been having red on purpose for months to have it at Christmas time and be special (sad I know).

Christmas nails


I have been getting my nails done for over a year now at my local salon and I am always pleased with the results and always look forward to going and treating myself. I get shellac done on my own nails as I have found with the shellac my nails grow quite fast and don’t break often, which for my nails was unheard of before I started doing shellac. It lasts for a long time as well; it lasts about 3 weeks which is amazing! Before I used to have to keep touching up my nails as they would chip throughout the day and they never seemed to look nice. So the fact that I can have my nails look nice for 3 weeks and not have to touch them is what keeps me going back.


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