Last night me and my bestie went out for her annual pre-birthday meal. Due to her birthday being on Christmas Eve, we always celebrate the day before. As we have done for the past few years we have gone to the restaurant Frankie’s and Benny’s.

My outfit of the evening was a black dress from River Island, which I wore with tights as its cold in England. My bag is from River Island a few years ago, I love it as it adds some color to a plain outfit and my boots are also from River Island. (Can you guess my favourite shop at the moment?) For jewelry I wore my Pandora bracelet and ring.

My outfit for the night

Over that I wore my grey coat with faux fur collar from again embarrassingly River Island, which I got a  few years ago now actually but I still love it.

Definitely need a coat this time of year!

And that was my outfit.

At the meal I ordered a pizza obviously as it is one of my favourite foods right behind curry and this picture makes it look huge!


For dessert (my favourite part of the meal) I went for a waffle with ice cream.


And that was my meal. Afterwards we had Christmas song going in the car and went to look at some Christmas lights, in which we managed to get a bit lost oops.



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