One of my favourite things to do at Christmas is to pop to pet’s at home and get the cats their Christmas presents. They are my favourite to buy for and actually the hardest as its always random for what they do and don’t like.

This year instead of just putting their presents in a gift bag we found this cute stocking which we put a photo of the two of them in. This is actually their favourite thing rather than the actual presents (typically).


This year they got a pack of three mini tennis balls which are actually for small dogs and puppies, as they love to play with a ball and these were too cute. A orange rope ball which is another favourite. A little cat nip red stocking, I got this to give them a Christmas themed toy and its unlike the rest. A grey mouse that vibrates when you pull its tail, Lolly loves toys like this so got a new one. The last toy was one my Mom picked which a toy mouse in a ball which makes a noise when you tap it or it rolls and they have never had a toy like this before so was something new for them. Finally I got a pack a Whiskas sticks they always have the treats year round the temptations ones. But only one cat likes the sticks so we don’t buy them as it wouldn’t be fair for the other, but at Christmas I will get her a pack as a special treat.

That finishes of what the cats got for Christmas this year, I do love to spoil them.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Love Adele



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