Another year has come to an end and this year, the more I think about it the more I have actually accomplished. Yes, 2015 it was bigger accomplishments and mile stones such as Graduating University, getting my first car and start my first adult job. But 2016 I have come a long way as well.

This year I feel I grown up a lot and became more independent. A lot of that has come from my job. As I have learnt a lot from it in the year, I started in October 2015 so the end of 2015 I was settling in, but this year I have grown a lot from it. For example, it has helped me in becoming confident in little things such as speaking on the phone to people (something that used to terrify me before) and thinking on my own in the adult world not just in a class room.

One of my big things this year was joining the gym. Now before you roll your eyes, I did stick to it and still a member that goes between 4 – 5 times a week with no plans on quitting any time soon.

I will admit throughout the year I have had a love, hate relationship with the gym. Some periods I was obsessed with going and was really motivated, others I would try and find excuses and feel guilty afterwards (this was more at the beginning of the year).

One thing that I have found really motivates me is trying classes at the gym as its more fun and I know I’m going to have proper workout. The classes I like are spinning and body combat which I do in the week after work. I also feel the gym also has helped with my confidence especially doing group classes with other people.







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