The other night over here in the UK we had snow. Now as a child I loved the snow as it meant snow days which are the best days! Staying home from school and playing out with your friends in the snow all day, whats better than that?

However, those days are behind me now.

The night before I did put a cover on my car as it is a Mini as it has a tendency to freeze shut and since I had work in the morning I needed to be able to get in it. I was actually really impressed with the cover, as I woke up to a decent amount of snow had fallen and the inside of the cover was still dry. Most importantly I could open the door of my car and it did not freeze shut (so happy I bought that cover!).

Now this was the part I was worrying about the night before, not actually driving in the snow part which I had never done before, in morning rush hour. That hit me when I got in the car and realised what came next, I had to drive to work.

It is safe to say I was so scared the whole way and was being extra extra extra careful that morning which I’m a nervous driver any way so you can imagine the stress levels that morning.  The fact that it was still snowing wasn’t helping the matter.

But I made it, and was so pleased I made it safely and on time.

Although I am hoping that is it for snow now!




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