Last weekend on Sunday 5th February the day after my birthday my parents and I went to a car dealers to look at a mini that I saw earlier in the week. Being honest I didn’t go thinking I was getting a new car I just wanted to go and see just in case. Although in shock it was a good car and was very pretty.

I arranged to pick it up the next Saturday. That week in between was an emotional week for me as I was trading in my first car which was an older silver mini that I had  for nearly 2 years and I was sad to see it go. But at the same time excited for my new car as it was time for a new car.

Yesterday I went back to pick it up and getting out of my old mini was very hard, as me and that car have been through a lot together. I spent yesterday afternoon just driving my new car on journeys that I would normally do to get used to it for example where I work. The more these past few days that I have been driving it the more I love it.

And here it is!


new car!

I am looking forward to the new adventures and memories I will have with this car, just like I did with my first one.


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