Today I decided to do a blog post more about Lily than myself, so I chose to do the furry friend tag so you can get to know her a little bit more.

  1. What is your pet’s name?

Her name is Lily.

     2. What kind of pet is it and what breed?

She is a cat and a domestic long hair.

   3. How long have you had your pet friend?

I have had Lily for 7 years now.

  4. How did you get your pet?

We got Lily from a cat rescue centre that is local to us.

5. How old is you pet?

7 years old but she still acts like a kitten (which I love).

    6. What is your favourite memory with your pet?

The day she came home has got to be my favourite memory, that little kitten had me playing ball with her for hours, which I loved just as much as her to be honest.

7. What are some quirky things about your pets personality?

This is one of my favourite things about Lily actually but, she is a very bossy madam. That cats definitely knows she is in charge.

   8. What does your relationship with you pet mean to you?

Lily is my best friend and has been since the day we got her home.

9. What are some of your favourite past times with you pet?

We like to watch TV together and she actually watches and even has a favourite show which is The Big Bang Theory.

    10. What are nicknames you call your pet?

This cat has loads but the main one is Lily loo though.


And that is the end of the furry friend tag!






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