Last night after work my bestie and I went to the cinema to see Beauty and the Beast! It is safe to say we were very excited to go and see this movie we both have loved Disney since we were little kids.

Of course the film did not disappoint if you haven’t already seen it I highly recommend it, it was the best film I have seen in a while. The film was such a feel good film where you leave in a good mood, which I love (not a fan of scary films). Got to say I had to try really hard not to sing along to the song throughout as they were so catchy. Being as when I was younger I never saw this Disney film, shocking I know, I didn’t know what to expect other than the basic plot. So I wouldn’t be able to say how it compared to the original but loved it.

Below is the outfit I decided to wear to the cinema.

beauty and the beast ootf
Instagram: adele_lousie21

For my outfit I wore my grey skinny jeans with my over the knee boots both from New Look, and my black jumper with roses on the shoulder which is from Asda George.





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