Earlier this week on Tuesday 28th March me and my best friend Eve got on a train and traveled down to London to stay on holiday for a few days. I will say I was very excited as I haven’t gone on a holiday  for quite a few years, because of this I was also very nervous (was sure I forgot something).

We got there and check into our hotel in the early afternoon which was good as we still had time to make the most of the rest of the day. Once we got all unpacked we set off on what was meant to be a little walk around to get our bearing, but turned into a full site seeing trip (we got carried away). We saw the London eye, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. We also walked across the bridge where the attack happened only the week before, it was so moving to see all the flowers and messages left along there.


me next to phone box with big ben
Classic London shot
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

After our little site seeing adventure we went to Ripley’s Believe it or not. Ripley’s was so good we were shocked of how big and how much there was to look at there! I will admit I did get a little scared in parts (but I get scared easily). Also that evening we popped into M&M world again I was not expecting it to be so big (4 floors!), but loved it so much chocolate.

ripleys chair
On a giant chair in Ripleys
Ripleys table
Ripley’s Believe it or not

After all of this we went back to the room to rest up for tomorrows adventure.



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