happy easter

Happy Easter!

Besides from Christmas, Easter is one of my favourite holidays for the opposite reasons of why I love Christmas. I love how relaxed it is. I mean at our house anyway, it is a weekend we spend together as a family. Due to work schedules that doesn’t happen a lot and just relax over a 4 day bank holiday weekend. During this we have chocolate Easter eggs that we would have bought for each other the weekend or two before there’s no stress around it.

So far over the weekend, I have gotten chance to rest and have a lie in, as well as spend some time with family and friends. Both with spending time at home just relaxing and catching up on things and going out shopping with friends.

My outfit today, being Easter Sunday I wore a grey jumper as it is still cold here in England at the moment, that has a bunny on it. I had to wear today obviously. With it I kept it simple (and warm) with some dark wash skinny jeans.

easter ootd
Easter Sunday outfit of the day

And that was my outfit.

I hope you enjoyed.

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