The past weekend at our house we celebrated Easter. Which I mentioned in my previous blog post was one of my favourite holidays to celebrate. Now what I left out of the blog post that it is a certain cat’s favourite as well that being my cat Lily.

Now, I’d like to think she likes this holiday as it means I am at home to play with her for 4 days straight and I am sure she likes that part as the whole family is home. But unfortunately, the favourite part for her and the reason she likes it so much is the foil wrapping off the Easter eggs.

Yes that’s right. She loves to play with the foil wrappers off the Easter egg. So when you have finished your Easter egg, she likes (and demands) you roll it into a ball and throw it for her as you would a toy ball. She will then go on to chase that round the whole house for ages.

Before you think “oh poor cat! Does she not have any toys to play with?”

Yes, yes she does!

Over the years I have bought loads of different toys for her, in fact the cat needs a toy box to keep them all in. Don’t get me wrong she will play with her actual toys also, she just typically prefers the foil wrapper made into a ball instead of an actually toy ball for a cat.

Hope you enjoyed.

Whats your pets favourite toy?



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