This past weekend was a bank holiday weekend, which meant no work on Monday!

On Saturday I had quite a lazy day really. I went into town and did some shopping for some summer pieces. Then in the afternoon went to the gym . Saturday was my lazy day out of the weekend.

Sunday morning my friend Eve and I went out for breakfast, I have never gone out for breakfast really apart from when I was on holiday so it was quite the treat. After our lovely  breakfast and a few cups of coffee and we hit the road.

We went on a little road trip to Resorts World in Birmingham, this is somewhere where we had always said we would go but never got round to actually going to. It was safe to say I was very excited but didn’t really know what to expect there. There was quite a few shops there that I have never been to such as Gap, Vans and Nike factory due to this and the outlet prices I did a lot of shopping. With the back of the Eve’s little car filled with bags we then headed home.

Bank holiday Monday, now this was my favourite day out of the weekend actually if I had to pick one.

Ash and I went to Wales for the day to have a beach day. It was very relaxing and we got lucky with the weather as it was supposed to rain but didn’t.

We walked around the little towns, strolled along the beach in which we saw so many cute dogs and of course had fish and chips, it would have been rude not to. It was the perfect day finished off with an ice cream, as I don’t think I would have gotten him to go home with out one.

That concludes my weekend, hope you had a lovely time as well!




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