Well here goes my first haul on my blog and for it I decided to do a shoe haul. Now these were not bought all at the same time. I have purchased these over the last few weeks as the weather has finally warmed up in England and I needed new shoes that were not boots.

shoes haul - all
Summer shoe haul

The first pair of shoes I got was this pair of blue flats from New Look. With these I was drawn to the muted blue colour and thought they would be good for work instead of just wearing black shoes all the time to mix it up a bit.


shoe haul - flats
New Look flats


The next pair of shoes I got was a pair of classic sandals for the summer as I needed a new pair as my last pair of sandals were worn out from the years before. I decided to go with the tan colour as I thought they would go with a lot. These were from Dorothy Perkins.


shoe haul - sandals
Dorothy Perkins sandals


I finally treated myself to a pair of new gym shoes. I got these from the Nike outlet in resorts world for an amazing price and I am in love with these.


shoe haul - nike
New gym shoes


The next pair are a pair of Vans I found when looking around T K Maxx. I never find anything in there so was very happy to find these and in my size! I thought these were perfect for summer.

shoe haul vans

And at last the final pair and I think my favourite actually, these are a pair of vans that I picked up in resorts world the same time as the Nike’s. I love the dark grey and mint colour combination and can not wait to wear them.

shoe haul vans grey


And that concludes my first haul.


I hope you enjoyed.




One thought on “Shoe haul: Summer 2017

  1. Ugh yes, who doesn’t love a shoe haul! I just bought three pairs myself haha.

    Great post! Liked and subscribed.
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 Have a good day!
 Mena from noirerewritten.com 🌷


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