For this post I decided to do a product review of something that I have been using for a while. This is actually my first product review as such and the product that inspired this post is the L’Oreal Paris Hydra Genius Liquid Care for combination skin.

For a little background on my skin type, I have combination skin so oily t zone and then dry patches on my cheeks and lately the dry patches had got a lot worse which is what started me looking for a new moisturiser. From the reviews I had seen online as well as the offer that was on in Boots at the time (no lie) I bought this one. I am always nervous with new skin care that it will lead to me breaking out but luckily this did not happen.

I found that it was really moisturising but due to picking the one for combination skin I was not more oily which is a problem I have found with just picking a really rich moisturiser in the past. Also it dried on my skin really fast so I wasn’t waiting around before I put on my makeup which is always a bonus.

Overall I recommend this product it goes on well under make up and has helped calm my skin down recently.


Hydra genius
L’Oreal hydra genius liquid care

I hope you enjoyed this post.





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