A couple weeks ago now (oops) on the 13th and 14th of July myself and my friend Eve both booked a couple of days holiday from work to have a long weekend and most important actually go on some of the adventures that we are always saying we will do.

summer adventures - walking mol
Exploring the National Memorial Arboretum

So on the Thursday we went over to National Memorial Arboretum, I had never been before and it was amazing there! I have already recommend it to a hand full of people already as it’s so pretty there. As we brought Mollie the dog with us we could only go on the dog walk but we still saw so much whilst on that walk.

After a morning of exploring around the National Memorial Arboretum we went to Fradley Junction for lunch as it was on the way home. After a yummy lunch we went for a walk down the canal and saw some cute canal boats before heading back.

fradley - summer adventures
Canal boats

Then on the Friday we just decided to go on and explore a nature trial that is quite local to us, But we never seem to go there. Below I included a picture of the views there as it was also very pretty. Even though we did get a bit lost which always adds to the adventure if you ask me.


henderford hills - summer adventures
View from Nature hike


That concludes my two days of summer adventures with my bestie.


Hope you enjoyed




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