Chester trip day 1 – Saturday 12th May

Last weekend my boyfriend and I went on a weekend trip to Chester. Neither of us had been before and it is only just over an hour drive away so looked like a perfect choice for a mini break. We drove down mid-day parked up in the city centre had some lunch, which was pizza, whilst we decided what we wanted to do for the rest of the day in Chester and then off we went to explore.

On this trip I really wanted to just walk around and see the city as it was so pretty and I had never been so wanted to see as much as possible in the short time we were there.  After lunch we went to the River Dee for the afternoon to walk around and explore.


chester river view day1
River Dee in Chester
me on bridge day 1
Exploring Chester


We then went to the hotel to check in, we stayed at the Crowne Plaza in the city. I loved its location we were central but about 10 minute’s walk away so was quiet on a night. It was also a very modern looking hotel which I love.

chester crown plaza
Making myself at home 

Once we got settled we got ready to go for dinner, for dinner I booked us at table at Miller & Carter my favourite steak house and he had never been. It was amazing as always I had steak and chips followed by an amazing brownie. Ash was very impressed we definitely have a new favourite place.

Milmiller and carter dinner day 1miller and carter pud day 1


After dinner we went for drinks in the hotel bar before heading to bed to rest up for the next day.

And that concludes the first day of mine and Ash’s Chester trip.







Harry Potter Primark Haul

This past weekend I went shopping with my bestie and of course we had to pop into Primark. One thing I love about Primark is all of the Harry Potter things they sell in there. So being a Harry Potter fan I had to pick up a few bits.

The first thing I got was this dark grey perfect catch t shirt with a golden snitch on it, I got this as it was quite subtle out of all of the t shirts and loved the dark grey colour as will go with a lot.

perfect catch t shirt


This one was an impulse buy as I do like candles, even though it is nearly summer… But I couldn’t not get it as it was so cute, they had a few different ones for the houses but liked this one as would go in my room colour scheme better.


They had a good selection of socks not only for Harry Potter but also Disney and other ones as well, but of course I got Harry Potter ones. It did take me a while to choose before picking these though. As summer is coming I needed more trainer socks and they have three different designs on them.


The final thing I got is my favourite I think, I saw this on Instagram a while a go and have been looking for it ever since, it is the Harry Potter bunting with the houses on it.



That concludes my Harry Potter Primark haul, I hope you enjoyed.



Weekend Adventure: 24th – 25th March

This blog post has been long over due and what prompted me was booking another weekend away the other day.

But back in March me and Ash went on our first weekend away together. We went with a couple of friends and a cute spaniel also. So Saturday 24th March at 6:30 am we set off to Cumbria.

off on an adventure
Ready to go

I had never been before so was for a new adventure. We all stayed in a cute cottage which had a farm on the property so there was cute little lambs about (so cute).



After we got settled in we went to the town closest to us to have breakfast and coffee and plan what we all wanted to do that day. We went on a walk on  a nature reserve (it was very hilly) and then to the lake for a drink. Here is a view from our walk.

water fall from hike

Followed by a trip into town for some much needed lunch before splitting off into couples for the rest of the afternoon. Me and Ash went back to the lake for a walk round to explore.

sunset pic from hike

On the evening we all went to the pub and I learned how to play snooker and then we had some dinner before go back to the cottage and calling it a night.

On the Sunday we went to the Keswick, Lake district for the day. On this day I did not feel well at all but we carried on. We went on a boat ride and an explore around the town and of course there was a Peter Rabbit shop there so I needed to go in.

We spent most of the day there before we headed back to the cottage and packed up and went home as we had work the next day.


I can not wait for the next weekend away which is actually next weekend!



My Perfect Day



This post is going to be what me ‘perfect day’ would look like, which of course would be a Saturday! This was actually inspired by a Saturday a few weekends ago which looked pretty similar to this post.

So obviously my day would start with having cuddles with my cat Lily, during the week I have to get up and go as I have work, so on the weekends I like to take some time in the morning and play with her. It is my favourite way to start the day. Afterwards I like to go the gym in the morning to get my workout in for the day, this makes me feel productive.

Then home to get ready, so do my hair and make up and then go for a shopping day with my best friend. This is the best way to spend a Saturday in my opinion as I love shopping. This is also a good chance to have a catch up and a girly gossip session with my bestie so win, win.

Afterwards, go home, get changed (may into something I bought shopping) touch up my make up and go for a date night with my boyfriend. For date night is can vary some of our current date night favourites are going for dinner, movie or ice skating.

And that wraps up my perfect day.  But personally I think the best is when you don’t plan in advanced and it just happens last minute as there no expectations, for example when I get a text on a Saturday morning asking if I want to go shopping.



My Perfume Collection


For today’s post I have decided to do a Perfume Collection.

Now it might not be the biggest perfume collection out there but, this is definitely enough perfume for me. With me perfume I try to have a good variety of day and night scents in my collection and I try and wear them all, some of course to work others for date nights.

So let’s get in to it.

Perfume collection
My Perfume Collection

The first in my collection is Calvin Klein Eternity Moment, this one is actually almost gone because I wear it a lot. This is actually the one I wear to work most days but I also like it on a weekend again during the day. I find for me it’s a good day scent and not too strong or too sweet.

My favourite at the moment is Prada Candy I got this for Valentine days off my boyfriend and have been wearing ever since. For me I prefer to wear it on an evening or on a weekend as it is more of a sweeter scent but it does last all day.

Marc Jacobs Dot was actually my first ‘grown up’ perfume and because of that I love it, this one is more floral compared to the previous one and I love it for spring / summer for again both day and night actually.

Lacome La vie est belle this one is more of a night time scent for me and is the longest lasting in my collection. It again is quiet sweet but more of a sophisticated sweet compared to Candy.

Gucci Bamboo is an old favourite as I used to wear it all the time when I got it and it’s nearly gone now. It’s a hard one to describe but I love it with this one I wear it more night time. One thing I would say is you need to top it up throughout the day I have found.

Paco Rabanna Lady Million Prive is another new one in my collection I got it for my birthday this one I wear again day and night as it’s not too strong that it gives me a head ache and also lasts all day which I like. That concludes my perfume collection.


What is your favourite perfume?



Easter weekend

Now, I have been looking forward to this 4 day weekend for a while now, I mean 4 day weekend! How can you not be excited about that. So it was important to me that I fitted a few things into this weekend, that being:

  1. Family time
  2. spend some time with me best friend
  3. spend some time with my boyfriend
  4. go shopping for new clothes!

and I think I did quite well.

On the Friday me and my best friend Eve went shopping as I needed new clothes for spring also, I am bored of my jumpers now. We did some serious shopping that day as we went to Telford shopping centre. We had a good catch up also which was nice and of course we talked about our New York which I am so excited for. For shopping I wore skinny jeans, jumper and a leather jacket.

shopping ootd
Shopping outfit


On the night I went on a movie date with my boyfriend Ash and we watched the film Blockers, which was very funny and something a little different for us as it is mainly more action films.

Saturday started off as a chill day I watched a movie on Netflix with my cat Lily and relax. In the afternoon me and my boyfriend went out to Lichfield for a walk around the shops, the park and had coffee’s in a cute little coffee shop. He bought me a Benjamin bunny teddy for Easter. I am in love we watched the film last weekend and I loved the character Benjamin the most as I though he was soo cute! Then we had some dinner and went for drinks at the pub to make a bit of a night of it.

Ash and Benjamin Bunny
Ash and Benjamin Bunny

Sunday was Easter Sunday and I went with my family to the National Memorial Arboretum, I went in the summer with Eve and loved it, it is so pretty. So I went back with the family to show them as they had never been.  After a walk around looking at the beautiful  memorials we had a Sunday lunch before coming back.


Bank holiday Monday I had a more stay at home day after a busy few days. Although it was quite productive I wrote this blog post you are reading now. Started working on another coming soon. Also tidied up my room a bit and did some studying.


Happy Easter

That concludes my Easter weekend.


Hope you had a good Easter.



Snow day

Last week here in England we had quite a lot of snow, which means one thing …

Snow day!

To be honest I was quite productive during my snow days as it was too cold to go and play in it for me. So instead I organised my wardrobe which, lets be honest needed doing and it is so much better now. I also got some work done on my project I have been working on currently which felt good.

Of course, I also watched the cats play in the snow as they love the snow and have done since they were kittens. They only play in it for a short time though and then they have to come back in as their paws are cold.

Below is a picture of Lolly in the snow.


snow day

Although, I will be honest I am glad the snow has gone now as I am ready for Spring now.



Valentines day surprise

Now in all of my 24 years I have never really done anything for Valentines day and its just been another day really. However this year was very different.

I woke up yesterday morning and just went to work and got on with my day not thinking much of it really. Then on my lunch hour I checked my phone to see Ash has booked us a table at a steakhouse and wanted to know if I wanted to go? OMG!

We hadn’t talked about Valentines day, I didn’t think much of it and I definitely wasn’t expecting anything. Although after I calmed down from the excitement, I remembered I did buy a new dress the weekend, I paired it with a pair of tights as it is February and some heeled boots to dress it up and my favourite Michael Kors going out bag.

outfit shot

Of course I had steak for dinner with chips obviously, afterwards for dessert  we had chocolate brownie and ice cream. Dinner was amazing, I had never been there before and love going to new places.

Then I got a second surprise after dinner I got my present, which again I didn’t expect one at all. He got my chocolate, a cute teddy and a Prada candy perfume gift set.


This was definitely the best Valentines day I have ever had!



Birthday haul 2018

Last week I celebrated my 24th birthday, and this year I was very spoilt.

Off my parents I got a Disney collection Pandora safety chain which is so cute and has Minnie and Mickey mouse on it. Also a Pandora stacking ring to go with another one I own. A pair of star earrings and most importantly some chocolate.

My best friend Eve got me some Harry Potter pjs as she knows how much I love Harry potter, also this photo frame to put in photos from our New York trip that we are going on later this year.


Finally Ash got me a paco rabanne lady million perfume gift set, it smells so good and I love it.


That concludes what I got for my birthday this year, I love everything and had a great day.



My birthday weekend

Yesterday was my birthday, I turned 24 gasp!

To celebrate this year I sort of had a birthday weekend, where I did my favourite things with my favourite people. To start it off me and my best friend Eve went to Frankies and Bennys for a meal after work on the Friday. This has been our tradition for both of our birthdays for years and I still love it. We spent most of it planning our trip to New York this September. I actually had something new and had the steak not pizza.

On the Saturday I went to the gym ( my happy place), got my nails done I went for rose gold. On the night me and Ash went for dinner, this time I had pizza and went Ice skating afterwards. Which has been one our favourite things to do together this winter, it so much fun, I don’t think I’m getting much better but having a lot of fun.

On my actual birthday me and my family went out for a curry on the night, next to pizza curry is my favourite.


I think this has been one my best birthdays in a long time.