Snow day

Last week here in England we had quite a lot of snow, which means one thing …

Snow day!

To be honest I was quite productive during my snow days as it was too cold to go and play in it for me. So instead I organised my wardrobe which, lets be honest needed doing and it is so much better now. I also got some work done on my project I have been working on currently which felt good.

Of course, I also watched the cats play in the snow as they love the snow and have done since they were kittens. They only play in it for a short time though and then they have to come back in as their paws are cold.

Below is a picture of Lolly in the snow.


snow day

Although, I will be honest I am glad the snow has gone now as I am ready for Spring now.




Valentines day surprise

Now in all of my 24 years I have never really done anything for Valentines day and its just been another day really. However this year was very different.

I woke up yesterday morning and just went to work and got on with my day not thinking much of it really. Then on my lunch hour I checked my phone to see Ash has booked us a table at a steakhouse and wanted to know if I wanted to go? OMG!

We hadn’t talked about Valentines day, I didn’t think much of it and I definitely wasn’t expecting anything. Although after I calmed down from the excitement, I remembered I did buy a new dress the weekend, I paired it with a pair of tights as it is February and some heeled boots to dress it up and my favourite Michael Kors going out bag.

outfit shot

Of course I had steak for dinner with chips obviously, afterwards for dessert  we had chocolate brownie and ice cream. Dinner was amazing, I had never been there before and love going to new places.

Then I got a second surprise after dinner I got my present, which again I didn’t expect one at all. He got my chocolate, a cute teddy and a Prada candy perfume gift set.


This was definitely the best Valentines day I have ever had!



Birthday haul 2018

Last week I celebrated my 24th birthday, and this year I was very spoilt.

Off my parents I got a Disney collection Pandora safety chain which is so cute and has Minnie and Mickey mouse on it. Also a Pandora stacking ring to go with another one I own. A pair of star earrings and most importantly some chocolate.

My best friend Eve got me some Harry Potter pjs as she knows how much I love Harry potter, also this photo frame to put in photos from our New York trip that we are going on later this year.


Finally Ash got me a paco rabanne lady million perfume gift set, it smells so good and I love it.


That concludes what I got for my birthday this year, I love everything and had a great day.



My birthday weekend

Yesterday was my birthday, I turned 24 gasp!

To celebrate this year I sort of had a birthday weekend, where I did my favourite things with my favourite people. To start it off me and my best friend Eve went to Frankies and Bennys for a meal after work on the Friday. This has been our tradition for both of our birthdays for years and I still love it. We spent most of it planning our trip to New York this September. I actually had something new and had the steak not pizza.

On the Saturday I went to the gym ( my happy place), got my nails done I went for rose gold. On the night me and Ash went for dinner, this time I had pizza and went Ice skating afterwards. Which has been one our favourite things to do together this winter, it so much fun, I don’t think I’m getting much better but having a lot of fun.

On my actual birthday me and my family went out for a curry on the night, next to pizza curry is my favourite.


I think this has been one my best birthdays in a long time.


Day out at the Zoo

Last Sunday Ash and I went to Twycross Zoo for the day. I was so excited all week leading up to it as I have not been to the Zoo since I was a kid and always loved it so much then. I have been a huge fan of animals and learning about them since I can remember.

I was a little unsure to whether we would see many as it was cold but we did luckily they were just in the warm in the inside areas (don’t blame them).

My favourite was the Bush dogs, I haven’t seen them before and they were so cute like mini bears.

We had the best day out would love to go again in the summer time.






New York here I come!

This past weekend was a big one for me actually but the main thing that happened was that me and my best friend Eve booked our holiday for New York for later on this year.

new yourk planning
We are going to New York!


This has been a couple years of planning in the making and of course saving too. New York has been a place that I have always wanted to see and Eve has wanted to go since she was like 12.  We decided its perfect timing for both us to go at this point in our lives. I cant wait as traveling something we started doing last year and love visiting new places.

We have booked our hotel and our flights, still got some planning to do but we are now officially going and the main part is booked. This is making it start to seem real which is exciting.





Well it’s New year’s Eve, a day where I always find myself thinking about the past year and looking through photos to see what I did this year. Actually, this year I did a lot and had a good year thinking about it especially in my personal life.

One of the main things I did was in February and it was buying my second car. My pretty red mini, I am so proud of that car as saved all last year for it.

The other main thing was the two trips to London I took this year with my best friend. As I hadn’t been on holiday in years so this was big for me and I enjoyed both trips so much and both were so different. I did a lot of site seeing, went to friends fest, to the theate they were amazing.

This year I can proudly say after many years of saying it I will, I lost some weight well almost 2 stone, in which I am so pleased that I actually did it! It took most of the year but I did it and have more confidence in myself, still not a lot don’t get me wrong but better than before.

A smaller thing I did but still worth a mention is learning something new which was ice skating. I did a course at the end of the summer and it is now one of mine and Ash’s favourite pass times. Ash has been a big part of this year actually and hoping he is next year too.

Finally my hair has changed this year, I have never coloured my hair before and always kinda had the same style which is straight. But this year I bought a curling wand (one of my favourite purchases this year) and I also this month got balayage done to my hair, which I love.

Wishing you a happy new year!



What I got for Christmas 2017

Yesterday I did what the cats got for Christmas this year so, today I decided to do a post on a few of my favourite things I got this year. As I have been spoilt this year and I love everything.

For my main present I got a Samsung tablet, which is what I am writing this blog post on right now. I love it I haven’t stopped using it since I got it.

The main theme throughout my presents this year was New York as me and my best friend are going to New York next year. All of the New York stuff is making me very excited to go.

New York theme this year 

Another theme seemed to be Pandora which I have been a fan for years. My parents got me a Big Ben charm as I went on two trips to London this year.

London charm 

Finally was what Ash got me I was so shocked when I opened the box and saw this, he has definitely spoilt me. He got me a new Pandora bracelet and the charms to go on it, it is so pretty.


And that is what I got for Christmas this year.



What the cats got for Christmas 2017


Hope you had a great Christmas this year, this is mine and I think my cats favourite time of year as the whole family is off from work to relax at home and the two cats just don’t know who to play with first.

This year as I do each year I went to the pets shop and got a few new toys for the cats, I always save this for last as they will find them.

20171228_1608441) The first thing is the cute fox teddy, this was what Lily went for first actually. It has catnip in it which they both love.

2) The butterfly has been a pounced on all Christmas, they both seem to love this actually. This was the one I was unsure about but they both haven’t stopped playing with it since they got it.

3) The two grumpy cat sprouts are definitely the favourites this year, glad we got two but they will both want the same one (obviously), but these have been all over the house and both cats love them.

4) This one however the cats haven’t really played with it, which is a shame but that’s cats for you, very fussy.

That concludes what Lily and Lola got for Christmas this year.




Christmas Decorations 2017

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

Yes I am one of those people who actually says that.

For this post I am sharing the Christmas decorations we have up this year. For our main tree downstairs in the living room, we have put up the same tree as last year (obsessed). It is a snowy 6ft one and we decorate it with white decorations such as snowflakes, snowballs and frosty bells. New this year is the silver sparkly star which I love and a few mini decorations one being the silver bell from Harrods I got for my parents which is cute.

tree main
Christmas tree

For in my room, I got a new tree this year, I wanted a different tree as the past few years I have had a mini purple one but wanted a green one to put cute decorations on it. So I found this one which actually matches the big one we have downstairs. It was a 3ft snowy tree, I love the base it stands in which is what sold me on it. For decorations I got some rose gold snowflakes, an Ice skating boot for my new favourite skill I learnt this year, Minnie mouse ones as I love Disney and more.

mini tree
My mini tree

Although, my favourite decoration is this Harrods one I got from my trip to London this year to remember the trip by. I hope to add a few more from other trips I take in the future as I think its a cute way to remember the places I have been.


harrods dec
To remember my London adventures

I hope you enjoy!