Ice skating date

Last night Ash and I went on an ice skating date at an ice rink by us. Safe to say I was a little nervous.

This time last year I remember saying no way, to the idea of going ice skating when he first suggested it ( I have no balance at all) and a year on there we were. Well in between these two events I did do a mini course in the summer for a week.  This helped with my confidence on skating , balancing on the ice and knowing if I fell over I could get back up.

Ice skates

I will admit it, he was a lot better than me …. he even skated backwards, but I had a lot of fun and was proud of myself for actually doing it. It was also a very festive thing to do this time of year. After over an hour of ice skating (it went by really quick actually) we had a coffee to warm ourselves up and headed back home as work in the morning.

Hoping we go again soon.




Skin Care Update – Clinique 3 step system

Skin care has never really been something I have been interested in to be honest, bad I know. But for a long time I used to just use make up remover and a spot gel when needed and call it a day. Make up was much more fun.

However over the past few years my skin type has changed from oily to combination to now very dry combination. I have tried multiple moisturisers and some have worked better than others but not got the results I wanted so, I started looking into skincare more.

That’s when I decided to try the Clinique 3 step system as they had a mini set in boots when I popped in, as I do tend to have sensitive skin and the last thing I wanted was to buy all the big sizes and spend that money and break out in spots and have to get rid.


3 step skin care

I have been using it every day for a few weeks now and no breaks out yet …. touch wood. I was shocked at the difference when I put my makeup on there was no dry patches on my cheeks for the foundation to cling to, and for once without having to layering up the moisturiser my skin didn’t look cakey.

For someone who doesn’t like a fuss (especially in a morning) I find the three steps enough to feel like I am looking after my skin and I too have a skincare routine, but not too much that I wont keep it up. I will definitely be investing in the full sizes when these minis run out, but impressed to how long they have lasted to be honest as for once I have found something that actually works for dry skin.



Outfit of the night: Dad’s Birthday meal

Last Friday we went out for a meal to celebrate my Dad’s birthday as a family. We went to his current fav which is Miller and Carter (also one of my favs). For this I wore a dress I had bought not too long ago and was looking for an excuse to wear, which was from Warehouse. I love the colour of it. As it was the end of October and it was cold I wore black tights, healed black boots and finally my silver Michael Kors bag.

I also curled my hair which is something new for me, as I got the hair curler (which was my first one) at the beginning of the month and have not looked back since and is my new favourite way to wear my hair now.

dads birthday outfit


For the meal I had steak of course and it was amazing although I will say my favourite part was the chips, they were so good.

dads birthday meal
Miller and Carter – steak and chips

And then the best part of any meal is dessert, in which I had the brownie, I love the little strawberry it looks so cute.

dads birthday dessert
This makes me want another!

And that concludes the post on what I wore, I hope you enjoyed!




My weight loss journey


This blog post was inspired by the photos that I will be including in this post. The ‘before’ was taken back in March of this month when I went on my first trip to London this year. Then the ‘after’ are from the trip to London from last month.

What made me want to do this post was when I put the two photos together and saw a difference in my weight, which I am not going to lie made me feel proud. As in the time between those photos I have been really focusing on trying to lose weight.

As the photos from back in March was what motivated me to lose weight in the first place because I was not happy with how I looked.

I started taking the gym a lot more seriously and going 5 times a week and doing a variety of things e.g spin class, body combat and cardio.

On top of that I started to watch more closely what I was eating. To do this I downloaded the fitness pal app to keep track of how many calories I was eating a day. As well as swapping e.g. a chocolate bar for a cereal bar and eating more fruit instead of the junk I was eating before and cutting out takeaways as much as possible.

By doing this really slowly the weight came off, I monitored by only weighing myself once a week to keep track. This way I slowly saw the pounds come off and I am talking like half a pound a week.

I am now happier with my weight than I was before and a bit more confident. The  healthy eating when possible has become more of a habit and I have fallen in love with the gym (my happy place) and like seeing my fitness level improve.

face before and after
My face before and after photo
before and after
Before and after

That is my post on my weight loss, I hope you enjoyed.



First trip to the pumpkin patch

Last weekend my friend Eve and I went to our first pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins.

Pumpkin family

This is something I have always wanted to do, but never gone. So this was very exciting for me!

When we got there we got a tractor ride down the to actual pumpkin patch was and I was shocked at how big it was actually.

I mean of course we were probably the oldest there …… but hey we had fun anyway below is me very proudly holding my pumpkin.

me and my pumpkin
Me and my pumpkin 

This was a great way to spend a Sunday in October and will definateley go next year as was a lot more fun than buying one at the shops.

pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch

And that was my adventure to the pumpkin patch.


Hope you enjoyed.






London Adventures Day 3: Sightseeing

This was our final day. So we had our last room service breakfast (I will miss it) packed up our cases and then left them with the hotel and made the most of our final day before getting the train that night.

We actually just planned to have a wonder around London that day and we fitted in quite a lot. We did some shopping on Oxford street, the Top shop there was amazing! It was 3 floors and even sold cupcakes in there.

me and shopping bag
shop till you drop

After braving Oxford street on a Saturday, we walked around Hyde park and explored around there, it was so pretty and got to see the Peter pan statue.

hyde park
Autumn vibes in Hyde park



peter pan
Peter pan

We then stopped and had a coffee and a cake in the park before heading to Harrods.

Harrods was amazing, I have been to London a few times but never been in Harrods before and they had the Christmas stuff in! Of course I got a couple of decorations as well as a Harrods teddy bear .

After playing in Harrods we carried on sightseeing before going back to the Hotel to get our cases and getting a taxi which was a black cab (never been in one before) to the train station to head home.


It has been an amazing few days, can’t wait for the next adventure.



London Adventures Day 2: Friends Fest

Day 2, in the morning we ordered room service. A first for me but it was amazing I loved it! It was so chilled. We then got ready as the reason we actually came to London this time was to go to Friends fest. My friend Eve is the biggest Friends fan there is and has wanted to go for a few years now. We got an uber to the park where it was (first uber ride!).

At friends fest I was so impressed with how good it was, there was different mini sets to take pictures in such as the Taxi and Central Perk. Due to getting there as it opened ( we were quite excited) it was quite quiet so good get all the photos before it got too busy.

friedns fest central perk
Central Perk
friends fest title credits
I’ll be there for you

Then we went on the set tour. The tour was the highlight they had actual props from the show on display and created the apartments for you to go in and take photos and look around. I was shocked by the level of detail it looked just like the show.


friedns fest set tour
Just having a coffee on set

After the tour we sat outside by the stage and watched clips on the screen and just enjoyed the weather it was like a summers day, we got really lucky there.

friends fest - stage
Friends Fest

Before getting a t-shirt and a hoodie each and heading back to the hotel.  For a quick break and social media session before going to out to explore London some more and make the most of the weather.

london eye
London eye in the sun shine

Once back in the hotel we charged our phones got dressed and went out for dinner in Leicester Square at Angus and relaxed.


And that was day 2 in London town.



London Adventures Day 1: Mamma Mia

This Thursday my best friend Eve and I got the train to travel down to London for a few days. This has been planned for over a month, so at the point I was very excited to get away from everything and have fun with my old friend.

We stayed in this cool hotel in Covent Garden called the Kingsway Hall Hotel, which was quite fancy actually, the room had its own door bell.

Once we unpacked our cases we went out to explore around Covent Garden, before having some dinner at TGI’s and going back to get ready. As, we went to see Mamma Mia, at the theatre on the night. I was looking forward to this, as haven’t been to a show in a while.

ootn - mamma mia
Eve and me before going to Theatre

The show was so good my foot was tapping all the way through and everyone got up and sang at the end which was the perfect way to end it. After an evening of singing our hearts out we headed back to the room to try and rest.

Mamma Mia

Well that concludes the first day.


Hope you enjoyed



Learning to Ice Skate

So over a month ago I had a moment of madness and signed myself up for a 5 day intense course for Ice skating at my local ice rink. At the time I was so excited as I would be learning something new and it would be funny trying to skate (having never been before). But as it got closer and closer the more nervous I got, I even considering cancelling, however I still went and here is my experience.


Day 1 – one word, wobbly.


On my first day I was so nervous I was even struggling putting on the ice skates let alone skating in them. Then we had to get one the ice and I had never done this before and it was even more slippery than I even thought. I was struggling to standing whilst holding for dear life to the wall along the side. By the end of the session …  I was still wobbly and terrified but could skate (step) a few feet and then I’d lose my balance.


Day 2 – getting there.


Well I can’t be worse than yesterday was my thought on the way there. I got my skates on a lot easier. When I first stepped on the ice it was like yesterday really slippy and scary but we were all told to fall over … easy for me and the taught how to get back up. This helped as I wasn’t as scared as I knew if I did fall I would be able to get up, after that I was a less wobbly and skated from one end to the other which was a lot better than yesterday. I was not good by any standard but compared to yesterday a lot better. By the end this time I could skate around (slowly and not 100% confident) stop and if I did lose my balance I could get up, but struggled a lot with turning needed to hold on to side most of the time.


Day 3 – going round

In today’s lesson we worked on turning so going through cones. This helped a lot as by the end I could skate around more confidently than yesterday as turning was easier having worked on it in the lesson. We also were taught stepping backwards but I struggled with that a lot (needs work).


Day 4- spinning around

Ok ok so it wasn’t like that but we did learn how to spin (slowly) around, I felt so cool though! In this lesson we also lifted one leg for a few seconds whilst skating, that was scary and I couldn’t lift my leg very high at all but I did lift it off the ice. This lesson I also was able to step backwards which I couldn’t yesterday so was pleased about that.


Day 5 – Last day

This was my last session of the 5 day course. In this one I worked on stopping and gliding when skating around mainly. However we also all did one baby jump which was so much fun and scary! I feel throughout the week even though I am still nervous and a little wobbly at times, compared to Monday I am very pleased with how far I have come and glad I signed up to do this course.

At the end I was told that I had completed grade 1 and was a couple of lessons off a grade 2 which is good for someone who couldn’t even stand on the first day.

ice skating cert

And I got a little certificate.


Well that was my week learning to ice skate, I hope you enjoyed.



Cat related haul

For today’s post I decided to do a little haul of cat related things that I have picked up over the last few weeks.

The first thing that I got was this sign from a cute store near me which say ‘what part of meow don’t you understand?’. I had to get this as it reminded me so much of my cat Lily. It is now hanging in my room and always makes me smile.


cat related haul - sign
What part of meow don’t you understand?

The next thing I got was a new bookmark as this year I wanted to read more and I have actually been doing ok, but I needed a new bookmark as I don’t even remember when I got my last one…

So I got this one of ebay of a cute little black cat, again as it reminds me of my cats and I thought it was the cutest thing.

cat related haul - bookmark.jpg
Black cat bookmark

The last thing is actually something for the cats which is this treat box to keep their treats in. I could not resist this in the shop, it has got the cat illustrations all the way around and it is so pretty.


cat related haul - treat.jpg
Cat’s treats box



That concludes my cat related haul, a little bit random but I hope you enjoyed.