Cat related haul

For today’s post I decided to do a little haul of cat related things that I have picked up over the last few weeks.

The first thing that I got was this sign from a cute store near me which say ‘what part of meow don’t you understand?’. I had to get this as it reminded me so much of my cat Lily. It is now hanging in my room and always makes me smile.


cat related haul - sign
What part of meow don’t you understand?

The next thing I got was a new bookmark as this year I wanted to read more and I have actually been doing ok, but I needed a new bookmark as I don’t even remember when I got my last one…

So I got this one of ebay of a cute little black cat, again as it reminds me of my cats and I thought it was the cutest thing.

cat related haul - bookmark.jpg
Black cat bookmark

The last thing is actually something for the cats which is this treat box to keep their treats in. I could not resist this in the shop, it has got the cat illustrations all the way around and it is so pretty.


cat related haul - treat.jpg
Cat’s treats box



That concludes my cat related haul, a little bit random but I hope you enjoyed.



Summer Adventures

A couple weeks ago now (oops) on the 13th and 14th of July myself and my friend Eve both booked a couple of days holiday from work to have a long weekend and most important actually go on some of the adventures that we are always saying we will do.

summer adventures - walking mol
Exploring the National Memorial Arboretum

So on the Thursday we went over to National Memorial Arboretum, I had never been before and it was amazing there! I have already recommend it to a hand full of people already as it’s so pretty there. As we brought Mollie the dog with us we could only go on the dog walk but we still saw so much whilst on that walk.

After a morning of exploring around the National Memorial Arboretum we went to Fradley Junction for lunch as it was on the way home. After a yummy lunch we went for a walk down the canal and saw some cute canal boats before heading back.

fradley - summer adventures
Canal boats

Then on the Friday we just decided to go on and explore a nature trial that is quite local to us, But we never seem to go there. Below I included a picture of the views there as it was also very pretty. Even though we did get a bit lost which always adds to the adventure if you ask me.


henderford hills - summer adventures
View from Nature hike


That concludes my two days of summer adventures with my bestie.


Hope you enjoyed



Outfit of the Night: Date Night

Last Saturday Night Ash and I went on a movie date. We went for dinner beforehand at a cute country pub, this was great as we could actually talk, catch up and decide which film we wanted to watch. After dinner we went to watch the House below I have included a link for more about the film below if you are interested, I personally recommend it especially if you like comedy’s.


For my outfit I wore my favourite jeans which are from River Island, I love the flower detail on the leg, paired with I wore this black top which I got also from River Island. For shoes I just wore a pair of black pointed flats, these were from New look. I also wore my new bag which I had been dying to wear that from Michael Kors.

movie date ootd with Lily.
Outfit picture with Lily 


I hope you enjoyed this post.

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Outfit of the day: Fathers Day

This blog post is very long over due!

But on Sunday 18th June it was Fathers Day. To celebrate Fathers day this year we went out for a family meal on the evening. We went to a local Indian restaurant which is my favourite kind of food so I was very happy about this.

The meal was the perfect excuse to wear my new dress that I had just recent bought, so for my outfit I wore this dress from Dorothy Perkins. I love the lace along the bottom of the dress, that is what sold me on it. For shoes I wore my tan sandals and my Zara bag which I love the pom poms on it. I do have to keep that out of reach of my cat Lily though!

fathers day ootd
Fathers day outfit
Bag from Zara

That concludes my outfit for Fathers day we had a lovely family meal together, which is always nice to all sit down together and catch up. It was also I great day it was hot and sunny in England which is very rare!

Hope you enjoyed!




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Beauty review: L’Oreal Paris Hydra Genius Liquid Care

For this post I decided to do a product review of something that I have been using for a while. This is actually my first product review as such and the product that inspired this post is the L’Oreal Paris Hydra Genius Liquid Care for combination skin.

For a little background on my skin type, I have combination skin so oily t zone and then dry patches on my cheeks and lately the dry patches had got a lot worse which is what started me looking for a new moisturiser. From the reviews I had seen online as well as the offer that was on in Boots at the time (no lie) I bought this one. I am always nervous with new skin care that it will lead to me breaking out but luckily this did not happen.

I found that it was really moisturising but due to picking the one for combination skin I was not more oily which is a problem I have found with just picking a really rich moisturiser in the past. Also it dried on my skin really fast so I wasn’t waiting around before I put on my makeup which is always a bonus.

Overall I recommend this product it goes on well under make up and has helped calm my skin down recently.


Hydra genius
L’Oreal hydra genius liquid care

I hope you enjoyed this post.




Shoe haul: Summer 2017

Well here goes my first haul on my blog and for it I decided to do a shoe haul. Now these were not bought all at the same time. I have purchased these over the last few weeks as the weather has finally warmed up in England and I needed new shoes that were not boots.

shoes haul - all
Summer shoe haul

The first pair of shoes I got was this pair of blue flats from New Look. With these I was drawn to the muted blue colour and thought they would be good for work instead of just wearing black shoes all the time to mix it up a bit.


shoe haul - flats
New Look flats


The next pair of shoes I got was a pair of classic sandals for the summer as I needed a new pair as my last pair of sandals were worn out from the years before. I decided to go with the tan colour as I thought they would go with a lot. These were from Dorothy Perkins.


shoe haul - sandals
Dorothy Perkins sandals


I finally treated myself to a pair of new gym shoes. I got these from the Nike outlet in resorts world for an amazing price and I am in love with these.


shoe haul - nike
New gym shoes


The next pair are a pair of Vans I found when looking around T K Maxx. I never find anything in there so was very happy to find these and in my size! I thought these were perfect for summer.

shoe haul vans

And at last the final pair and I think my favourite actually, these are a pair of vans that I picked up in resorts world the same time as the Nike’s. I love the dark grey and mint colour combination and can not wait to wear them.

shoe haul vans grey


And that concludes my first haul.


I hope you enjoyed.



Bank holiday weekend adventures

This past weekend was a bank holiday weekend, which meant no work on Monday!

On Saturday I had quite a lazy day really. I went into town and did some shopping for some summer pieces. Then in the afternoon went to the gym . Saturday was my lazy day out of the weekend.

Sunday morning my friend Eve and I went out for breakfast, I have never gone out for breakfast really apart from when I was on holiday so it was quite the treat. After our lovely  breakfast and a few cups of coffee and we hit the road.

We went on a little road trip to Resorts World in Birmingham, this is somewhere where we had always said we would go but never got round to actually going to. It was safe to say I was very excited but didn’t really know what to expect there. There was quite a few shops there that I have never been to such as Gap, Vans and Nike factory due to this and the outlet prices I did a lot of shopping. With the back of the Eve’s little car filled with bags we then headed home.

Bank holiday Monday, now this was my favourite day out of the weekend actually if I had to pick one.

Ash and I went to Wales for the day to have a beach day. It was very relaxing and we got lucky with the weather as it was supposed to rain but didn’t.

We walked around the little towns, strolled along the beach in which we saw so many cute dogs and of course had fish and chips, it would have been rude not to. It was the perfect day finished off with an ice cream, as I don’t think I would have gotten him to go home with out one.

That concludes my weekend, hope you had a lovely time as well!



OOTD: Workwear

Happy Monday!


For today’s post I decided to write about one of my favourite things apart from coffee on a Monday morning, and that is picking my outfit to wear to the office that day. I love getting a little dressed up I will admit, which is good as where I work its more on the smart side.

Today I wore my new trouser from Dorothy Perkins, I mainly play it safe and wear plain black trousers but, I was drawn to these and how different they were. To pair with it I wore a black top to balance out the trousers. For shoes I wore a pair of black flats as I am no good in heals.


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Hope you have a good day!



What time is it? Waffle time!

Back in February on my birthday I went to the little dessert shop for the first time with my mom and it was amazing! I had never been before and it was a restaurant for desserts!


We both had waffles which aren’t just any waffles and I found my new favourite place to go to. However I have never been since (sadly).


The other day as a family we went again to a different one, due to one opening up closer to us this is very exciting to me it’s just down the road now eekkk!

As you could imagine I was not going to pass up an invitation to go to that happy place any time soon. So we went and of course I had another waffle and it was beautiful, but I was very full afterwards. Now, I did take a while to choose but I had a red velvet waffle as I love red velvet anything.

And here it is!




I can highly recommend going to one if there is one near you. I for one am already thinking of a reason to go back.



My Cats favourite toy

The past weekend at our house we celebrated Easter. Which I mentioned in my previous blog post was one of my favourite holidays to celebrate. Now what I left out of the blog post that it is a certain cat’s favourite as well that being my cat Lily.

Now, I’d like to think she likes this holiday as it means I am at home to play with her for 4 days straight and I am sure she likes that part as the whole family is home. But unfortunately, the favourite part for her and the reason she likes it so much is the foil wrapping off the Easter eggs.

Yes that’s right. She loves to play with the foil wrappers off the Easter egg. So when you have finished your Easter egg, she likes (and demands) you roll it into a ball and throw it for her as you would a toy ball. She will then go on to chase that round the whole house for ages.

Before you think “oh poor cat! Does she not have any toys to play with?”

Yes, yes she does!

Over the years I have bought loads of different toys for her, in fact the cat needs a toy box to keep them all in. Don’t get me wrong she will play with her actual toys also, she just typically prefers the foil wrapper made into a ball instead of an actually toy ball for a cat.

Hope you enjoyed.

Whats your pets favourite toy?